Diamond Dallas Page opens up about coronavirus scare


WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page recently was exposed to the coronavirus, and it gave him quite the scare.

At 64 years of age, DDP does fall into the “risk” category, as far as what the effects the virus could potentially have on his body. And unlike some other high-profile figures, he fully understands the weight of the implications, and how serious the coronavirus can be.

He recently opened up about being exposed to the virus, with some of his family members, Paige and Brittany, having recently went to a bridal shower. There were supposedly 16 other people in attendance — seven of which got infected with the coronavirus.

Both DDP and Paige started feeling sick a few days later, so they got tested for the virus. Paige tested positive, but DDP — who had had a bad fever at the time — came up negative.

“Because our minds are going to go right to that and like where could that even come from?” he said. “Not even thinking about the bridal shower.”

We’re glad to hear DDP is feeling OK, and we wish the best for Paige. Props to him for sharing his story, though, in hopes of getting through to others who aren’t taking the virus seriously.

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