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Hotel security called on Jimmy Butler for dribbling a basketball in his room

Jimmy Butler is all in during his time in the bubble. He’s not about to let a little thing liked being locked down, stop him from getting in some extra work.

According to Chris B. Haynes of Yahoo Sports and TNT, hotel security responded to a complaint of a “loud bumping” in the Heat’s hotel. 

“Sources told me that the security guard went over to investigate, found the room, knocked on the room,” Haynes said. “And who opened the door? It was Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler, drenched in sweat, with practice gear on from head to toe. He was dribbling a basketball throughout his room the whole time. So, even during the quarantine period, Jimmy Butler was still getting his practice sessions in.”

Good to see Jimmy brought his own ball.

Butler also recently said he’s not interested in putting any social justice message on his jersey, or a name for that matter:

Jimmy always finds a way to be the center of attention.