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Jake Paul fires back at Conor McGregor

Jake Paul remains undefeated (4-0) after having emerged victorious against Tyron Woodley via split decision, and he’s clearly feeling himself.

One thing Paul doesn’t lack is confidence. And while he’s fought over-the-hill fighters, his record speaks for itself, and he stands behind it.

It’s rumored that Conor McGregor could be a candidate to fight Paul next, as both are great at promoting fights, and a potential bout could generate tons of revenue.

And so when McGregor fired off this cryptic “salivating” tweet during the Woodley-Paul fight, the sports world took notice.

It didn’t take Paul long to respond, which he did, in speaking to reporters at his post-fight press conference.

“We’re on the path to a lot bigger fights, I’m salivating too because I’m just getting warmed up,” Paul said, via MMA Junkie. “Conor McGregor has a lot more to focus on besides me right now.

“I’m five wins in a row, he’s 1-3 in the past four years. So the guy needs to get off his vodka or whatever his brand is, sober up and start to get back in the gym and then we can f—king fight.

“To be honest, no way he hits harder than Woodley. He doesn’t weigh as much as Woodley. He’s shorter than Woodley. I’ve said it before the fight, I think Woodley is a harder fight than him, especially the way he’s going. Conor is going down, I’m going up. Woodley came in game, we’ll see.”

We’d love to see this fight happen. The trash talk alone would be amazing.