Iverson Louis Farrakhan

Allen Iverson apologizes after posting pic with Louis Farrakhan

The man known as the “Answer”, is now ironically answering to his latest Instagram post.

This week NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson posted an image on Instagram of him standing with Louis Farrakhan, who has been called anti-Semitic by the Southern Poverty Law Center

On Thursday, Iverson released a statement clarifying that he had become friends with Farrakhan’s son, Mustapha Farrakhan, in the past, and that Mustapha had introduced him to his father in 2017, which is when the picture he posted on Instagram was taken. 

Iverson claims it wasn’t his intention to offend anyone by posting the picture, and that he didn’t share the same views as Farrakhan.

He wrote a lengthy apology:

The Undefeated wrote that Farrakhan has long been a source of conflict between the Black and Jewish communities.

Cancel culture will come for you if you don’t make amends.

Iverson “Answered” their calls quickly.