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Brandon Ingram caught looking high during TV interview (Video)

Brandon Ingram may want to learn how to use a calendar on his computer or phone to remember when he has important responsibilities to take care of, judging by what happened on Monday.

The Pelicans big man was called upon for a TV interview on TNT, joining the “Inside the NBA” crew to reflect on his recent achievement. Ingram was named Most Improved Player for the 2019-20 season, and he was asked to share his thoughts about it for the TV audience.

And while he may have been happy that he won the award, he sure didn’t look to be in any condition to give compelling answers to the crew’s questions at that particular time. Ingram looked completely slow and spaced out, possibly high or intoxicated, and the social media world quickly took note. Just look at some of the photos.

And then there was this gem.

Ingram only had one job to do on Monday. All he had to do was be ready to deliver a compelling five-minute interview. The celebrating could’ve come afterward.