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Chris Paul addresses Frank Vogel’s ‘dangerous’ claim about LeBron James foul

The Suns’ veteran leader sure doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with what the Lakers head coach — among others — deemed to be a dirty play.

Chris Paul has a history of questionable plays, often entailing him making physical contact with his counterparts. Not only that, these types of plays seem to happen more often in the postseason.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened in Game 1 of the Suns’ series with the Lakers, when he got tangled up with LeBron James and undercut the 36-year-old veteran on a free-throw attempt.

James hit the deck hard, and a skirmish then broke out, leading to Cameron Payne getting ejected.

Frank Vogel called CP3’s contact “dangerous,” and also “aggressive.” Paul didn’t seem to agree.

“I don’t know anything about that. I have absolutely nothing to say about that,” Paul said, via Yahoo Sports. “We’re just playing basketball and competing. I’m just thankful we got the win, and I’m looking forward to Game 2.”

It’s no surprise that Paul took the high road, but given his history, we side with Vogel here.