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Damian Lillard rips ‘clown’ Skip Bayless

FOX Sports talking head Skip Bayless has made more enemies than friends in the sports world over the years, due to the hot takes that routinely spew out of his mouth.

And it’s nothing new, either, as Bayless now does it at FOX, and he was doing the same at ESPN, ripping into players and coaches with strong, opinionated, often over-the-top takes, in an attempt to drive attention to the shows he hosts.

That’s exactly what he recently did on “Undisputed,” when he questioned if Blazers superstar guard Damian Lillard is “that guy.” His timing was a bit poor, though, as Lillard is coming off a 51-point performance in the team’s win over the Sixers, on 16-of-28 shooting.

It didn’t take Lillard long to find out about it, either, and he had this to say on Twitter (notice the clown emoji).

Lillard is well within his right to fire back at Bayless, especially if the “Undisputed” co-host acts different in person compared to when he’s on TV, as he claims.