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Darnell Nurse shares how NHL players can find motivation playing in empty arenas

Athletes are trying to figure out a complex problem, as they’re now being tasked with drawing motivation and energy during games, without having fans in attendance.

Fans have always been such a major part of sporting events, and they’re also a big part of what makes them so entertaining. They give the games the energy and enjoyment enjoyed by many, as their passion really helps fans get into the action. Not only that, the celebration experienced when their home team scores a goal, touchdown, or home run is so much fun to see and hear.

But now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans will no longer be in the stands during sporting events, for an unknown amount of time. Soccer leagues around the world have already been doing this in recent weeks, and the matches have had a different feel to them.

There’s a worry that NHL and NBA players will struggle to find energy and motivation during games once their play starts up in the near future, but Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse shared a solid strategy for how they’ll be able to find inspiration inside themselves.

“You see (Jordan’s) mindset … creating your own environment, creating your own fire,” Nurse told The Canadian Press. “I think that’s a test everyone in this situation is going to have to go through. Having the ability to create your own excitement.”

It will be interesting to see if players can indeed create their own “fire.” The ones that can will likely be the ones that have the most success once play resumes.