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Is Kevin Love using Team USA experience to boost trade stock?

It’s no secret that Kevin Love wants out of Cleveland — he’s made his intentions clear since LeBron James departed for the bright lights of LA — but the team has been unable to move the veteran forward.

And while we don’t know for sure if it’s because ownership has refused to do so, that really wouldn’t be much of a surprise, given what we’ve seen over the years.

But it’s also possible that no other teams are presenting offers that the Cavs deem worthwhile. Love’s production has finally off big-time, and he’s struggled to stay healthy over the years. Not only that, his on and off-court tantrums aren’t exactly behavior that a contending team welcomes in their locker room.

Love will be playing for Team USA in the Olympics in a few weeks, though, and he’ll be coached by Gregg Popovich. He seems to believe training and playing on the big stage will help get him traded at some point this summer, apparently.

“I do feel like on [the Cavs] or whichever team I end up on, this USA Team, this is something that I can continue to progress in the right way for anybody,” he said, via WKYC. “It doesn’t matter who I’m out there with or who I’m playing with out there on the floor; I’m going to bring my style of basketball and do whatever I need to do to win.” 

It really will come down to which potential suitors get desperate enough to offer a solid trade package. Love’s performance in the Olympics likely won’t play much of a role in whether or not he’s moved.