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James Harden is ‘locked in’ to Rockets this season, despite Russell Westbrook rumors

Russell Westbrook may want out of Houston, but it doesn’t appear as if the Rockets’ other superstar will be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Rockets acquired James Harden via trade in 2012, and he’s been the heart and soul of the team since that time. If the ball had bounced their way in the playoffs just a few additional times, it’s possible that he would’ve led them to an NBA title. Unfortunately, they ran into the buzz saw known as the Warriors each year they had a legitimate shot to win it, and that proved to be their undoing.

And now that the architect of that team, former general Daryl Morey, is no longer in Houston, everyone has been wondering what Harden will want to do. That talk was amplified on Wednesday, when it was reported that Russell Westbrook wants out of Houston. It remains to be seen if any other team will want to pick up his massive contract, however.

In the meantime, talk has shifted toward Harden — specifically if he feels the same way as Westbrook. Apparently, he does not.

The rumors of Harden following Morey to Philadelphia don’t appear to carry much weight, at least not at this time. Stay tuned.