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James Wiseman snatches ball out of air for amazing block (Video)

The Warriors are off to a nightmare start to the season so far, but there does appear to be some silver lining baked into the back-to-back losses.

Golden State was abysmal last year as well, and its awful record put them in position for a high draft pick. They selected James Wiseman at No. 2 overall, despite being able to get quite a lot in return, via a potential trade.

And yeah, it’s already looking like taking Wiseman was a wise move.

Wiseman can shoot from all over the court — especially popping out to drain three-pointers — and he also shows flashes on defense. That’s exactly what he did during Friday’s game against the Bucks, when he snatched the ball out of the air — timing it perfectly in doing so — for a block.

He palmed it and everything to finish it off. What a play.