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Joakim Noah wins the day with eccentric outfit at parent-teacher conference

Joakim Noah appears to be enjoying life after basketball.

Life has been pretty good to Noah, as he cashed in on the Phil Jackson era in New York in a big way. He played in only 53 games for the Knicks, and earned roughly $72.5 million. That’s a ROI many of us dream of, especially when you factor in that he averaged roughly four points and eight rebounds per game, so he clearly wasn’t a difference-maker — on either end of the court.

But now he’s taking those earnings and reinvesting them in the best way possible — by being a family man.

He’s currently engaged to Victoria’s secret model Lais Ribeiro, with the two announcing that big news at Burning Man, roughly two years ago. Apparently, he hit up a parent-teacher conference with her, and did so going shirtless, with some Florida Gators sneakers.

If only the rest of us could get away with that look at a semi-formal meeting.