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Kevin Durant opposes idea of NBA Finals champion getting asterisk, believes they’ll be ‘more respected’

The NBA Playoffs have whittled the field down to only four teams, and it won’t be long until a champion is crowned.

As such, there’s been talk about how this particular title winner will be received — specifically if they’ll get an asterisk attached to their championship campaign. It’s a ridiculous theory, as that didn’t happen during the 1998-99 season, in a lockout-shortened year, but we discuss everything and anything nowadays.

Any team that emerges as the last squad standing will have earned it — winning 16 playoff games, which is the requirement. Not only that, surviving all the potential injuries and illnesses associated with the season restart is also extremely impressive.

And that’s exactly how Kevin Durant appears to feel, apparently, according to comments he recently made on The Joe Budden Podcast.

“I think it will be respected for sure, probably more respected,” Durant began. “It’s tough for the boys in there. They’ve been away from everybody for that long. To be the last one standing? That’s going to be tough.”

He continued, this time discussing if a title win carries the same weight this season:

“Yeah, of course. You still have to play against these dudes.”

We completely agree with KD’s take.