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Kevin Harlan delivers legendary line about Magic City chicken wings while calling game

Lou Williams may never live down his Magic City chicken wings story, as even famed broadcaster Kevin Harlan poked some fun at the Clippers guard while calling an exhibition game on Tuesday night.

Harlan was in the booth for Tuesday’s Rockets-Celtics game, and that’s when he showed how great he is at calling games, for the way he excels at play-by-play, but also injects humor, when appropriate, as well.

Exhibition games need a bit of humor and light-hearted conversation, and Harlan is well aware of that, so he brought some at the perfect time. In the middle of calling the game, Harlan put in a request for Magic City chicken wings, and it’s safe to say no one could have predicted that.

Harlan truly is a broadcasting legend. Depending on who you ask, he’s the GOAT.