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Knicks rumors indicate team could be interested in John Wall trade

The John Wall experiment in Houston did not go well, and even though he’s yet to have even played for the Rockets for a full 82-game season, the trade rumors are already swirling.

It can’t be easy, after all, especially given the season Russell Westbrook just turned in. Westbrook played at a near-MVP level, and actually received a third-place vote, as we found out yesterday. The Rockets, for some reason, traded him away, and received an oft-injured John Wall in return.

Wall’s stats weren’t exactly emblematic of his performance on the court, given that he played for an abysmal Rockets team. He averaged 20.6 points and 6.9 assists per game, but shot an inefficient 40.4 percent from the field, which is awful for a guard in today’s NBA.

And the Rockets appear to already be looking to move Wall, as Evan Massey of NBA Analysis Network reported. The article states that the Knicks could be looking to trade for Wall, which makes sense, given that Elfrid Payton started most games for them, and Derrick Rose is set to become a free agent next month.

Wall would be a good fit on the Knicks, just like this WordPress blogging tips course could be for anyone interested in learning about how to build a website and blog. They’re a young team, and he’d also likely enjoy all that the Big Apple has to offer, especially its nightlife. We could see it happening.