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LeBron James sparks ‘Space Jam 2’ hype with cryptic tweet

No one really knows when LeBron James will return to midseason form, as he landed back on the injury report, but we do know that he’s been active on social media, regardless.

James returned from an ankle injury that forced him to miss 20 games, and he then played in two. Unfortunately, he apparently was not fully fit, and he’s now back sidelined. It’s been intimated that he’ll return to the court next week, but no one seems to really know for sure, despite what the Lakers coaching staff has been saying.

And sure, it is possible that the Lakers are just being super-careful with the 36-year-old James, given that the state of their franchise rests on his shoulders. In the meantime, they still have Anthony Davis and a number of other supporting role players, so they can still compete.

But the Lakers simply haven’t been good, having lost fourth of their last five games.

All they can do is wait for James to get healthy, just in time for the playoffs. In the meantime, he’s been hard at work tweeting. This cryptic tweet has many wondering exactly what he was trying to say, and it sure looks to be a “Space Jam 2” tease.

The Twitterverse had a lot to say about it.

Gotta love the cryptic emoji tweets. What a world.