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LeBron James’ wife ‘not thrilled’ with how much time he’s been spending recovering from games

Life in the bubble can be difficult for players and their families, as guys have been down there for two months now.

Video chatting and some of the other perks technology offers do help, but that communication channel only works for so long. Luckily, however, players’ family members and close friends have now been allowed in the bubble, on the condition that they undergo routine testing while there. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re just picking up where they left off.

As it relates to LeBron James, he’s apparently been spending a lot of time recovering from games. He’s always been great at ensuring his body is in peak condition, adjusting his routine when he sees fit.

But the bubble has presented some additional changes, given that teams have less rest, playing every other night. James has apparently been spending so much time trying to get his body ready to play that his wife, Savannah, has taken note of it, and she’s not thrilled about the time commitment.

James isn’t getting any younger anytime soon, and he likely senses that this particular campaign could be the best opportunity he’ll get to win a title during the remainder of his NBA career. And that’s why he’s working so hard preparing for and recovering from games.