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Magic seeking ridiculous trade haul to move Nikola Vucevic

The trade rumors may be swirling, but don’t expect Nikola Vucevic to be going anywhere.

It’s unlikely that any big-name players will be moved, due to salary cap restrictions, and also the uncertainty about revenue going forward, due to the effects from the pandemic. Most NBA teams have fans in the stands, but not all of them, and TV deals only move the needle so much.

That’s why we’ve predicted that while it would make sense for bad teams like the Wizards and Magic to move the superstars on their respective roster, we don’t see it happening. Expect Bradley Beal to remain with the Wizards, at least until the summer.

The same goes for Vucevic, especially after reading a report from the Athletic about what the Magic are seeking to potentially move him.

‚ÄúSources say a Jrue Holiday-level trade package could convince them to part ways with Vucevic. But he is considered unavailable by rival executives and appears very likely to stay that way,” it states.

NBA teams probably aren’t going to unload their draft capital to trade for a 30-year-old making roughly $25 million per year, at least not at this time. We’d be surprised if Vucevic is playing for any other team in the near future.