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NBA not messing around with proof of ‘longstanding relationships’ for guests to enter Orlando bubble

The NBA is not allowing “hookup culture” to infiltrate the Orlando bubble.

It’s incredible what the league has accomplished, having continued to test, yet see no positive tests for the coronavirus, despite what other leagues such as MLB have been dealing with. The NBA put so much work in in the past few months, and that’s been clear in all the success they’ve had from a health standpoint, as well as the quality of play during the games in the bubble.

And they’re not going to let casual relationships undo their hardwork.

The league outlined protocols for guests looking to enter the bubble after the first round of the playoffs are in the books, and they’re requiring proof of “long-standing relationships” for non-family members, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Casual relationships will not be allowed.

Guests must be family members or “longtime close personal friends with whom a player has an established, pre-existing, and known personal relationship,” according to the Associated Press.

Good for the league for sticking to its guns, and not letting the players possibly jeopardize the sanctity of the bubble.