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NBA Rumors say Denver Nuggets are ‘Strong Threats’ to Land Jrue Holiday

New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday is no stranger to trade rumors. Throughout the last couple of seasons, the veteran has heard his name on the trade block ahead of several NBA trade deadlines.

As we know, the Pelicans never went through with striking a deal. That can change this year, however. While New Orleans isn’t necessarily viewed as championship contenders heading into the 2020-2021 NBA season, they have a young and talented squad anticipating a playoff appearance.

Having Jrue Holiday on board increases the chances of the Pelicans competing for a spot in the Western Conference Playoffs next season, but contending teams are lining up to try and acquire the veteran guard to boost their rosters.

One team that has consistently been linked to the Holiday sweepstakes in the Denver Nuggets. Unlike the Pelicans, the Nuggets are a team that anticipates being in championship contention next season. With stars such as Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Will Barton, Michael Porter, and more, the Nuggets are searching for a veteran to take the team over the top.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Senior NBA Writer Chris Mannix, Denver views Jrue Holiday as that guy. “Several team executives say the Nuggets, armed with young talent to trade, are a strong threat [to land Holiday],” Mannix tweeted on Sunday, as NBA trade rumors started heating up.

While Denver seems to be a favorite, Holiday’s services are of interest to many teams as the Pelicans are generating “significant league-wide interest” with the veteran guard on the trade block.

The New Orleans Pelicans aren’t guaranteed to move on from Holiday, but as a rumored ten-plus teams are involved in the sweepstakes, the Pelicans could end up with a nice haul if they decide to move on from their high-profile veteran.