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NFL goes full ‘No Fun League’ with Tee Higgins fine

Bengals rookie receiver Tee Higgins had some fun after scoring a touchdown in the team’s 36-10 loss to the Steelers, but the NFL wasn’t feeling it.

Higgins scored the lone touchdown in the blowout loss, and given that it was a divisional matchup, he may have been looking to let his opponents know about it. These two teams have a history of getting into it on the field, with trash talk, big hits and taunting happening routinely.

Maybe that’s why when Higgins scored a touchdown, he chose to celebrate by dunking the ball over the crossbar. It wasn’t a huge deal, yet the NFL seemed to feel otherwise, as he was fined for it.

Higgins is playing on a rookie contract, so that’s a good deal of money to him. The NFL could’ve simply sent a message by warning him privately, rather than reaching into his pocket for some money, over a harmless celebration.

No Fun League, indeed.