Playboy model Daisy Jean put Tristan Thompson on blast for throwing house party


During the pandemic, house parties are off limits. You’re not supposed to have a large gathering at your home. Period.

Clearly NBA big man Tristan Thompson didn’t get the memo. Over the weekend the Cavaliers big man had a party at his house, and clearly it wasn’t a small get together.

Someone on his street noticed, and went straight to Instagram to show Tristan’s little soiree. Playboy model Daisy Jean posted video showing the street packed with cars.

The big question is, was Daisy Jean really upset, or was she just bitter she wasn’t invited to the party?

Either way, California has a law in place that allows the city to shut down your water and power if you’re hosting a party. Everyone wants to be Big Brother these days.

Check out more of the tattletail Daisy Jean below:
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