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Police say Baltimore Ravens’ DJ Fluker was a victim of domestic violence

Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman D.J. Fluker has allegedly been a repeated victim of domestic abuse.

According to police reports, D.J. Fluker says he has been the victim of several assaults over the course of his relationship with Kimberly Davis, who he shares a child with.

Davis was arrested following a July 13th incident at the couple’s home in Reisterstown, Maryland, after she allegedly punched Fluker in the nose over an argument over social media.

The responding officer observed dried blood coming from his nose and a photo from that night shows blood on Fluker’s face.

Davis was taken into custody that night, and is facing charges of second-degree assault and destruction of property.

According to the July 13 police report, Fluker told police that wasn’t the first she has assaulted him over the course of their relationship.

Video from that night appears to show Davis repeatedly striking Fluker while arguing about taking care of their daughter.

Domestic violence can happen to any spouse, any sex. Just because a man is that large, doesn’t mean he can’t be abused.