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Rockets HC: James Harden is ‘all in’ this season, despite trade rumors

The Rockets have already undergone a number of changes this offseason, yet the organization refuses to commit to a rebuild.

And it may be to their detriment, as James Harden and an oft-injured John Wall aren’t going to move the needle in the vaunted Western Conference. Harden may be aware of that, as it’s been rumored that he’s been seeking a trade to the Nets or Sixers.

But he hasn’t been moved, and it sure looks like the Rockets aren’t in a rush to ship away one of the best pure scorers in NBA history. And it’s understandable, given that Harden pushed for the team to trade for Russell Westbrook, who it traded away on Tuesday. The Rockets were left handcuffed from the trade, given the two first-round draft picks they gave up.

At any rate, out is former head coach Mike D’Antoni, and in is Stephen Silas. It didn’t take reporters long to ask Silas about Harden, and the team’s new head coach stated that his superstar remains committed to the team this season.

“I’m confident that he will be all in,” Silas said, via the Associated Press. “That’s where I’m leaving it. As I said, I’ve given him the space to to do his thing. But I’m confident he’ll be here when we get started.”

The Rockets may be saying that now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they look to move Harden during the season, somewhere around the trade deadline. Their championship window has closed, and the only move that really makes sense from their standpoint is to blow it all up and rebuild.