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Sean McDermott sounds off about NFL’s proposed fan policy

Most sports leagues around the world are playing games without fans, but the NFL is going a different route.

The league will allow (a limited number of) fans in the stands in states where they’re allowed, so they’re essentially leaving the door open to the idea. It really sparks to the power that owners have, as there are states like New York, New Jersey and California that likely won’t have anyone in the stands — possibly all season — yet there are others like Florida and Texas, where the coronavirus continues to spread, that will likely have between 10,000-20,000 people.

And that disparity is creating home-field advantage for some teams, and could potentially hurt others. That lack of consistency isn’t sitting well with some coaches, and understandably so.

Most recently, Bills head coach Sean McDermott took issue with it, calling the idea “ridiculous.”

He’s not wrong, as we believe the NFL should prioritize the health and safety of players, coaches, staffers, and fans, by limiting the number of people at games, like the NFL has done. And it also puts certain teams that are forced to play in empty stadiums at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, the owners simply have too much power, and they aren’t willing to lose a major potential revenue stream, despite all the risk involved.