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Steve Kerr cautions Warriors fans to pump brakes on James Wiseman-David Robinson comps

The Warriors could’ve got a solid haul for the No. 2 pick in the draft last month, but they didn’t, instead electing to select James Wiseman to upgrade their frontcourt, as well as build for the future.

They could’ve potentially traded down to draft a player in the first round, while also acquiring veteran talent to upgrade their roster immediately. The Warriors coaching staff must’ve been high on Wiseman, as they chose to take the Memphis product, rather than potentially acquiring multiple players.

Fans have viewed the Warriors’ decision to stay put in the draft as a reason to believe highly in Wiseman, given the alternative. In fact, there’s already talk of Wiseman becoming a David Robinson-type player, given his skill set, and perceived ceiling.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is ensuring the team’s fan base tempers its expectations a bit, at least in the short-term, as it can take young players years to develop.

“He’s the equivalent of a sophomore in college who redshirted his first year, and we’re throwing him into an NBA,” Kerr said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “So where he is now compared to where he’s gonna be two years from now … two different things. You’re talking about a guy who is seven feet tall, huge wing span, runs the floor, good touch, handles the ball — the package you don’t see very often. But there’s zero experience in that package now.”

He continued:

“So our job is to help him gain the experience at a reasonable pace — not overloading him but giving him the room he needs to learn and to grow. I know all of our fans are probably hoping he’s gonna be David Robinson when he steps out on the floor. But picture David Robinson as a sophomore at Navy. That’s the guy you’re comparing him to, not the All-Star with the [San Antonio] Spurs.”

Wiseman’s athleticism does make him a great fit for the Warriors, but exactly what type of player he’ll develop into remains to be seen.