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Trae Young cements status as villain in taking shots at Knicks after series win

Trae Young stuck a dagger in the hearts of Knicks fans in the first game of his postseason career, but he didn’t stop there, as he poured salt in the wound after his team won the series.

The Knicks were embarrassed on their home floor, as they had the advantage on their side, being the No. 4 seed, yet won only one game at Madison Square Garden. It took only five games for the Hawks to dispose of them, and even though the Knicks far exceeded expectations for the season, getting bounced out of the postseason via a “gentleman’s sweep” isn’t all that fun.

Fans who paid a boatload of money for their tickets were spotted leaving games early, including superfan Spike Lee, who was trolled by Reggie Miller during the broadcast.

As for Young, he took to social media for a troll job of his own, after the Hawks eliminated the Knicks with a Game 5 win. Here’s what he had to say.

Young is really embracing the villain role, and we can’t to see him return to Madison Square Garden next season. Expect plenty of (NSFW) chants from fans.