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Aaron Rodgers has high praise for Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson

Expectations are high for the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s draft, and one of the best quarterbacks in the last decade recently delivered some high praise for the BYU product.

The Jets selected Zach Wilson to be their franchise quarterback for years to come, and given their track record with signal-callers, he could become a legendary among fans. Aside from Joe Namath, whose tenure with the team didn’t last long, the Jets have never had a dynamic quarterback to take them to the Super Bowl.

Wilson played well in his most recent preseason outing against the Packers, and while Aaron Rodgers didn’t suit up to play, he did watch the Jets quarterback work his magic.

And he was apparently quite impressed with Wilson’s play.

“He’s a good young kid, has a nice disposition,” Rodgers said, via Yahoo Sports. “That kid can throw the heck out of that ball and that was a nice one down the right sideline at the end of the first. I’m so excited for what he can do in this league.”

Rodgers continued:

“The biggest thing I picked up was two minute drill, just how calm and collected he is,” Wilson said about Rodgers last week. “He’s kind of just out there, almost like he’s just messing around, playing backyard football, he’s having a good time and he makes it work. It’s cool to ask him about footwork, what’s going on on the field, what he’s seeing. If I could spend more time with him and just keep asking questions, I would.”

That’s music to Jets fans’ ears.