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Don’t count on IOC cancelling Tokyo Olympics

It’s true that the 2020 Tokyo Games did not take place this year, but they’re still on track to be held next summer, despite what the latest rumors are indicating.

This year’s Olympics, along with other major events, have been rescheduled, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s caused fear and anxiety throughout the globe, and many have been forced to change their policies, to keep their employees, as well as the rest of the public, safe.

Sports leagues around the world are tasked with preventing the spread of the pandemic, whatever it takes. That’s why the Tokyo Games were postponed, and are now scheduled for next August. IOC chief Thomas Bach did say that if they don’t happen then, then they’ll probably end up canceling them altogether, though, sparking talk of the Olympics possibly not even taking place in 2021.

But that’s just simply not true, and is nothing but a rumor, according to the IOC.

“The IOC together with its partners and friends in Japan is fully committed to celebrate the Games of the XXXII Olympiad from 23 July until 8 August 2021 in Tokyo,” an IOC spokesperson said, via Kyodo News.

“The joint task force is 100 percent focused on this goal, everything else is pure speculation.”

We really hope the amazing event takes place as scheduled next summer.