Andy Dalton suffers head injury on brutal cheap shot from Jon Bostic


Cowboys veteran quarterback Andy Dalton was the recipient of a brutal hit to the head during Sunday’s game against the Redskins, and it knocked him out of the contest.

Dalton has been thrust into a difficult situation, playing behind an abysmal offensive line, which has been shuffling in new players every week. And Dalton doesn’t offer much mobility or evasiveness, so there isn’t much margin for error there. Not only that, whatever offense new head coach Mike McCarthy has been looking to install lacks an identity, and clearly isn’t working.

To his credit, Dalton has remained tough in the pocket, absorbing hit after hit. Unfortunately, he recently took one too many, as Dalton took off running on one particular play in the third quarter of Sunday’s game, and then wisely elected to slide. Redskins linebacker Jon Bostic didn’t respect Dalton giving himself up on the play, though, as he came flying in and delivered a brutal shoulder to Dalton’s head.

Bostic was ejected from the game, while Dalton left the contest, and was diagnosed with a concussion.

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