Ben Simmons keeping an eye on Vanessa Hudgens’ latest


Vanessa Hudgens is one of the world’s most beautiful young actresses. She’s been in the public eye ever since her breakout role in High School Musical.

With much notoriety, comes a ton of eyeballs on you at all times. We reported earlier in the Summer New York Yankees star Giancarlo Stanton was keeping a watchful eye on Hudgens.

Now we have another professional athlete who is taking a “liking” to Hudgens’ posts.

Recovering superstar Ben Simmons liked Hudgens latest.

See below:

Ben’s likes below:

The Sixers superstar has been on a ‘Liking’ spree the last several months. It seems like Ben is planting as many seeds as possible.

Check out more of the very beautiful Vanessa Hudgens below:

Can’t blame a guy for liking Vanessa’s pics.

Simmons will just have to trust the social media process.

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