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Vernon Maxwell perfectly trolls Jazz for blowing 3-1 series lead

No one really knows exactly why Vernon Maxwell dislikes the state of Utah and Jazz fans as much as he does, but he seems to go in on them at every opportunity.

And to his credit, he does so with a humorous spin, and it’s harmlessly clever. But for whatever reason, the only time we seem to hear much from Maxwell is when he’s trolling Utah.

This is a guy who once said he didn’t even know Utah had Internet three years ago, and has also snuck in countless digs at the Jazz whenever possible.

So when the Jazz blew a 3-1 series lead against the Nuggets, well, Maxwell couldn’t help but weigh in.

We’d love to know where his distaste for the Jazz comes from, but many believe it’s because they eliminated his Rockets from the playoffs a few times in the ’90s. Either way, his troll jobs are pretty funny, and entertaining.