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Buddy Hield makes NBA history for three-point shooting

Buddy Hield may not be the type of player whose play translates to wins, but he does put up big numbers on a consistent basis. He recently got in the NBA record books, for an achievement that was on brand.

Hield recently became the fastest player to hit 1,000 three-pointers in NBA history, as it took him only 350 games to get there.

Hield is a volume scorer, who never saw a shot he didn’t like, so that’s helped him hit this mark. Also aiding him is playing on a bad team that focuses more on offense than defense — similar to the Pelicans — allowing him to pad his stats and take as many shots as he wants.

And, most importantly, he’s a product of the NBA as we know it today. It’s all about stretching the floor and three-point shooting, so we’re guessing that his record won’t stand for too long. Another player will likely come in and snatch the title, but for now, the belt belongs to Hield, so congrats to him.

Hield’s career three-point shooting percentage is 40.5, for what it’s worth. His numbers are down this season, though, at only 36.9 percent.