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Look: First look at Zion Williamson’s first Jordan brand sneaker revealed

Everyone is excited to see what the Jordan Brand can do with a larger-than-life superstar such as Zion Williamson, and now we have a sneak peek at what the first product in the line will look like.

The social media world is where companies leak out snapshots of their future products to build hype. Hell, sports teams nowadays even find a way to get previews of their new logos, uniforms and more on the web, which never used to happen. Sometimes it’s simply to create hype, but other times they go the crowdsourcing route. leveraging the feedback they receive and alter the design a bit,

The Jordan Brand knows all about how to design, hype and sell products, just as well as Nike does. And that’s why a first look at the first shoe in Williamson’s signature line recently leaked out, which you can check out below. Here’s what the Jordan Z Code is rumored to look like.

It’s flashy — like Zion — with plenty of bright colors. To its credit, it fits him well. The Jordan Brand was right on brand in designing this one.