Don Mattingly drops several F-Bombs in post ejection rant


If you’re going to get tossed from a game, you may as well get your money’s worth. Miami Marlins’ manager Don Mattingly did exactly that, as he was tossed for arguing, and then unleashed an epic expletive filled rant.

The Marlins skipper’s frustration with the umpiring crew’s work during the Marlins’ weekend series with the Braves boiled over in the fifth inning of Sunday’s finale.

Home plate umpire James Hoye tossed him from the dugout and Mattingly came out to get his money’s worth. His extended argument with Hoye was a masterpiece of the hot mic art form. 

“You guys f—ed us in every game,” Mattingly told Hoye in a profanity-laced tirade that lasted nearly two minutes. 

Watch below:

This is what happens when you watch a baseball game in an empty stadium. The hot mics are going to pick up absolutely everything.

Kids should probably be watching with earmuffs.

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