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Dr. Anthony Fauci shares advice on MLB’s 2020 season format

It’s still unknown if there will be a 2020 MLB season altogether, with the owners and players so far apart in negotiations, but one particular medical expert has expressed some caution for how the campaign could play out — assuming it does happen.

Owners and players are still debating about the number of games that would potentially be played. The players want 70 games, while the owners want only 60, so maybe they’ll meet in the middle. Although, there’s been a break in negotiations, so it will be a bit longer until an agreement on how the season could play out could be reached — if it happens at all.

In the meantime, Dr. Anthony Fauci — the supposed “Coronavirus expert” — has some words of caution for the length of the season. It’s been predicted that a “second wave” of the virus will hit in the fall, so Fauci doesn’t think MLB should be playing games at that time, if it happens, which he told the Los Angeles Times.

“If the question is time, I would try to keep it in the core summer months and end it not with the way we play the World Series, until the end of October when it’s cold. I would avoid that,” Fauci said. “The likelihood is that, if you stick to the core summer months, you are better off, even though there is no guarantee.”

He continued:

“If you look at the kinds of things that could happen, there’s no guarantee of anything. You would want to do it at a time when there isn’t the overlap between influenza and the possibility of a fall second wave.”

He does raise some solid points there.