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Eminem takes a shot at Drew Brees in his latest track

Eminem is back, and that can only mean one thing, he’s taking shots. The Detroit rapper went after bad cops, people who refuse to wear masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brews in his new (co-)single.

First, on Brees, who caught Eminem’s wrath for saying that NFL players kneeling during the pregame national anthem was “disrespecting the flag.” 

Brees has since apologized for taking that stance.

Here’s the lyrics below:

“I had hoop dreams, now I shoot 3s.
Got a lil’ green, but I don’t do weed.
Purp nor lean, that’s Tunechi.
That’s New Orleans, F*** Drew Brees.”

And the accompanying video:

Drew Brees apologized for his comments, you can see below:

Drew Brees seems like a pretty good guy, for him to be in Em’s crosshairs just goes to show you how cancel culture is the new normal.

Hopefully this is the last time Drew gets called out for his stance.