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Kevin Durant believes Bucks are forming ‘somewhat of a dynasty’

Kevin Durant knows all about dynasties, as he played for the Warriors during their pinnacle not too long ago, and he believes the team that knocked his Nets out of the postseason is in the midst of forming one.

Durant and the Nets took the Bucks to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, and had KD not stepped on the three-point line while draining the team’s final regular-time shot of the season, the NBA Finals likely would have had a different outcome. The Nets were that close, even with injuries hampering Kyrie Irving and James Harden throughout the series.

But it just wasn’t to be, and the Bucks went on to win four consecutive games en route to a title. Giannis Antetokounmpo looked unstoppable, especially in Game 6, and the Suns had no answer for him.

Durant knows the Bucks well, having watched film and played against them. And he believes they’re forming “somewhat of a dynasty,” which he stated on Fanatics View.

“And then Milwaukee forming somewhat of a dynasty with that team,” he said. “I know it’s the first chip, and I know a lot of people call you a dynasty after a few. But the continuity of that team is something that’s impressive and how they continue to build and add and now they’re champions. And you can appreciate that.”

Durant might be trolling a bit here, as he knows his team was inches away from “ending their season,” which he stated after Game 7. Or, it’s possible that he’s giving himself and his teammates motivation to avenge their loss next season.