Xavien Howard uses social media to request trade out of Miami

Xavien Howard signed a five-year contract with the Dolphins only two years ago, yet he apparently is already unhappy about it.

Howard became the latest NFL player to complain about their contract on social media, which he did via Instagram on Tuesday. His timing is interesting, as he waited until the last minute, ranting about the deal he himself signed during the week training camp opens. This is usually when players and teams begin to really focus on the upcoming season. Hell, even Aaron Rodgers appears to patched up his relationship with the Packers.

But not Howard. He’s been fairly quiet this offseason, yet he took to Instagram and formally asked the Dolphins to trade him. Howard even used the “I am just here so I don’t get fined” line, taking a page out of Marshawn Lynch’s playbook.

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The five-year, $75.2 million contract Howard signed entitles the star cornerback to just over $12 million in guaranteed money this season, assuming he plays.

It’s hard to see the Dolphins budging here. They have all the leverage in the situation.