Look: Ben Roethlisberger looks fully recovered from elbow injury in new workout video


It was unclear exactly what shape Ben Roethlisberger was going to show up in for training camp, as some offseason photos showed the Steelers quarterback clearly having packed on a few pounds — maybe due to the massive beard he was sporting.

But Big Ben did eventually shave, which he had pledged he’d do once he began throwing to his teammates once again. This was a promise he made back when he underwent elbow surgery to repair three torn tendons back in September.

As such, it was unclear how Roethlisberger would look throwing the football, and what type of condition he’d be in. Apparently, he already looks to be back to his normal playing weight, and his throwing motion looks good, too, judging from this video of him at camp.

A beautiful sight to see, indeed. We project a big year for Big Ben and Co., even though everyone is already crowning the defending division champion Ravens.

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