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Look: Raiders show off brand-new, state-of-the-art practice facility

The Raiders have pulled out all stops for their new home in Las Vegas, and it’s safe to say life for players — and fans, when the team can host them at games in the future — will be pretty great.

The team spared no expense in constructing its new stadium, as it cost more to build than any other venue in the NFL world — with a $1.8 billion price tag. And it certainly looks to be worth the money, as this photo shows.

But that’s not all, though.

The Raiders also built a brand-new practice facility, and it’s safe to say players will enjoy showing up to and working out at Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center. It’s located in Henderson, Nevada, and it sure looks like the team went all-out in terms of the branding, equipment and more.

We’d love to work out there — even for an hour. It looks like quite an experience, and that the team is attempting to transform Las Vegas into an environment that feels homey for the Raiders.