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MMA star Alexander Shlemenko courageously drags drowned man out of river

MMA fighter Alexander Shlemenko did a great deed recently, and may have even saved a man’s life.

Shlemenko, a former Bellator champion, has been known to dominate inside the ring. However, at 36 years of age, the Russian native’s best years are likely behind him. Still, he remains in great shape, and that came in handy big-time recently.

He took to Instagram and shared a story of how he went into a river, which he saw a body floating in. Shlemenko then immediately dove in the river, and pulled the man in, then brought him to shore, and contacted the authorities about it.

“Such an unpleasant story happened to me,” Shlemenko said in an Instagram video. ”I saw the body of a man in the river, swam behind it and pulled it ashore. Now I’m waiting for the police. Be careful on the water. Soberly evaluate your strength.”

Hopefully the man was able to survive.