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Rachael Ostovich hit with one-year ban by UFC for PEDs

The UFC continues to send a strong message about the issue of doping among its fighters.

UFC flyweight fighter Rachael Ostovich has accepted a one-year ban for violating the organization’s anti-doping policy, the United States Anti-Doping Agency announced Thursday.

โ€œDuring an investigation into the circumstances of the positive test, Ostovich identified a supplement she had tried, which was analyzed at the World Anti-Doping Agency-accredited laboratory in Salt Lake City,โ€ USADA said in a statement.Although ostarine and GW1516 were not listed on the supplement label, the analysis revealed that the product contained ostarine and GW1516, the substances for which Ostovich tested positive. The product label listed another prohibited substance, but Ostovich did not realize at the time that it was prohibited.

Ostovich tested positive for ostarine, a substance similar to anabolic steroids, on January 3rd, as she was preparing to face Shana Dobson at UFC Fight Night 168 in February. The ban is retroactive to the date of the test, leaving her out of the sport until early January 2021.

By the time her suspension ends, Ostovich will be nearly two years removed from her last fight.

Ostovich (4-5) hasn’t won a UFC matchup since recording a submission against Montana De La Rosa at The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale in December 2017.

However she can continue posting on Instagram, which is nice.

She seems to be taking the news well, at least.