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Patrick Kane won’t slap asterisk on 2020 Stanley Cup Champions

The 2020 NHL season has been anything but ordinary, but most teams played at least 70 games, and it’s as close to a full season as the coronavirus would allow.

It wasn’t even a decision, really, as the NHL had no choice but to suspend play when Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus, just as leagues around the world did as a reaction.

And while some former NBA players may feel that the lockout-shortened 1998 season has an asterisk on it, one of the NHL’s biggest stars doesn’t feel the same about his sport. Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane sure isn’t putting an asterisk on any team that wins the Stanley Cup this season, which he stated on ESPN’s “Return to Sports” special, which aired on Monday.

“To win a Stanley Cup, I think that’s an amazing opportunity for any hockey player,” Kane said. “And I don’t think anyone is really worried about the viewing if someone won a championship, or an asterisk, if you’d like to say.”

We could not agree with him more.