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Novak Djokovic criticized for hitting the club without social distancing

If you truly must go out of your house, make sure to practice social distancing.

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic and several fellow top 10 players did not heed this advice on practicing social distancing.

The tennis star was photographed dancing half-naked in a Belgrade nightclub, despite ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Djokovic hosted the party in the Serbian capital after wrapping up his hometown exhibition tournament.

Photographs of Djokovic and fellow pros Thiem and Alex Zverev, as well as several others, appeared on social media following the tournament which was one of several such unofficial events to have occurred throughout Europe.

Fans quickly voiced their opinions:

Boys will be boys.

Djokovic’s party pics come amid heavy speculation that the upcoming US Open is set to go ahead with a full slate of players in late August.