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Rajon Rondo gets slammed for complaining about his hotel room in the Orlando bubble

NBA players are arriving in Orlando, and there’s no doubt they’re excited to get back on the basketball court, although they do have to leave the comfort of their own homes to do so.

Los Angeles Lakers veteran Rajon Rondo arrived, and he checked into his hotel room like any other visitor to Disney.

Rondo sent out a picture of his very ordinary looking hotel room with a tagline reading “Motel 6 hun” while tagging the NBA.

Rondo immediately got crushed for slandering his digs in the bubble. Twitter roasted him pretty good for this one:

NBA players are used to five star accommodations. They travel the country staying at the finest hotels, living in the lap of luxury, so this certainly is a downgrade.

That being said, this is an unusual set of circumstances, so really no choice but to roll with the punches. One day he’ll look back and remember the time he had to “rough” it for a few months.