Richard Sherman opposes idea of NFL players boycotting games


There are a number of different ways NFL players may choose to voice their opinion about social injustice and police brutality, but 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman believes boycotting games isn’t a viable one.

The Texans players chose not to leave the locker room until after the national anthem was played on Thursday night, later joining the Chiefs for a moment of unity on the field, ahead of the coin toss. Other teams like the Colts are hinting they’ll be making a “bold statement” before Sunday’s game against the Jaguars as well.

But for Sherman, unity and equality are more important than making a splash or generating headlines. That’s why he personally opposing the idea of NFL players potentially boycotting games.

“I don’t see how missing a football game is going to keep police from killing black people,” Sherman told TMZ Sports. “If you told me that boycotting a National Football League game would stop police brutality and stop the injustices that people of color deal with, then I would be all for it. If we miss 10 games, does that stop the problem? …I don’t think we do.”

Well said. Boycotting a game sure didn’t seem to play out well for the Bucks. That’s not the best way to help spark change.

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