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Russell Westbrook spotted partying in Las Vegas before coronavirus diagnosis

Rockets superstar Russell Westbrook tested positive for the coronavirus a few days ago, so now he’s quarantining, and a recent photo may give us more insight into how he contracted it.

NBA players have been advised to social distance ahead of their trip to the Orlando “bubble,” as the league is doing all it can to prevent guys from bringing it in. If they can quarantine players that test positive, and leave the virus there, essentially, that can keep the “bubble” in tact. Otherwise, if there’s an outbreak inside the “bubble,” issues could arise.

Westbrook, however, was recently spotted with a group of guys, including former NFL running back Reggie Bush, partying at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas, which probably wasn’t a good idea.

Westbrook certainly wasn’t social distancing in that photo, that’s for sure.