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Malcolm Brogdon comes out as one of NBA’s first players to support ‘bubble’ concept

The NBA’s players have continued to gripe about life in the Orlando “bubble,” with games having yet to have even been played, but not everyone appears to feel that way, apparently.

Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon tested positive for the coronavirus just a few weeks ago, so he knows all about the health issues that can come about as a result of the pandemic. So while a number of NBA players seem to be poking fun at the situation, and how strict the league has been in approaching life in the Orlando “bubble,” Brogdon knows it’s for good reason.

We’re still in the “honeymoon” phase of the Orlando “bubble,” as players are just beginning to ramp up practicing, which has given them plenty of free time to play golf, relax and even shotgun beers.

As for Brogdon, though, he knows all about the virus, and the health issues it presents, so he recently came out in support of the “bubble.”

It’s great to see Brogdon was able to speak up and go against the grain here in sharing his opinion. The NBA is doing a great job attempting to keep players healthy, and they should be lauded for doing so.