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Salty Isaiah Thomas takes a shot at Clippers for blowing consecutive games

Isaiah Thomas is currently a free agent, but he appears to believe he could be a difference-maker for the team that had him on their roster for a mere matter of days.

Thomas was never really the same quick, elusive player he once was after suffering a major hip injury in 2017. He’s bounced around on a few teams, but was never really anything more than a guy to come off the bench and score a few points, yet also be a major liability on the defensive end of the floor.

And while defense is magnified in the playoffs, with teams looking to shuffle lineups and exploit any possible matchup whenever possible during games, Thomas appears to believe he can help the Clippers. The team did acquire him in a trade back in February, after all, but waived him just two days later. And he still appears to be salty about it, as he had this to say after the team blew a 19-point second-half lead against the Nuggets in Game 6 on Sunday.

That’s even stronger than a hot take, as it involves flamethrowers and scorched earth. Thomas would get decimated by the Nuggets’ young wing players on the defensive end of the floor.